The BORNEOWILD RECHARGE is a multi-functional water conditioner made from the extract of the opossum shrimp and powdered bamboo leaves. With its unique "compound activated system", RECHARGE boosts immunity of fishes, ability to natural heal faster, water purification and more.

Benefits of RECHARGE:

Lowers Redox Potential:
When added to tap water, Redox Potential is immediately adjusted to suitability of organism. 

Promotes Mineral Absorptance:
Absorption of the mineral increases when redox potential is lowered. This effect can be maximized when RECHARGE is used with mineral products such as Minerock and Minerax. Beneficial for shell formation in snails and shrimps.

Intestinal Activation:
In manufacturing process of fish feed, static electricity may come into contact inevitably. Such process could cause hardening of the food to a state whereby it is difficult to absorbs water. This could easily cause indigestion when eaten by the fish. By adding RECHARGE, hardened food are loosen up at molecular level and thus, improving digestion of fishes.

Stench Removal:
RECHARGE also removes stench creating by oxidation processes.

Increase dissolved oxygen :
With higher dissolved oxygen, organisms are more lively and healthy in the well balanced environment.

Increase Growth and Activities:
Growth of fishes and plants are increased with good water quality. Fishes will become more lively within 24hours. Plants may take up to a week.

Usage for a 60cm tank:

  1. In first week of setting up a new tank, add 25cc.
  2. Add 25cc in the 2nd week.
  3. Add 30cc in the 3rd week.
  4. You should be able to see better changes at the 4th week.
  5. Stop using the extract in 2nd Month.
  6. Repeat Step 1 - 3 in the 3rd month to continue the treatment.


  • Each cap (provided) measures 1.5cc. 
  • After dosing, water may become slightly murky.
  • Use RECHARGE continuously to maintain pristine water quality.
  • Overdosing of RECHARGE has no harmful effect on all organisms.
  • After opening, smell may develop, but it does not affect the quality. Once added to the water, it will turn odorless.
  • Avoid storing it in warm, moist area. It is best refrigerated to prolong shelf live (after opened).


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