BORNEOWILD Plant Soil II 8kg

BORNEOWILD Plant Soil II 8kg. Now blacker, more nutrient and smaller granular size! 

Designed to depict the fertile and dynamic rainforest of Borneo, BORNEOWILD PLANT SOIL II creates a natural look and feel that would be appreciated by the experienced aquarist.

BORNEOWILD PLANT SOIL II maintains a mild acidity close to the river system of Borneo, making it most suitable for the keeping and breeding of aquatic fauna, flora and invertebrates. The soil granules allow good circulation of water and oxygen through the substrate and supports the growth of micro-organisms, thus providing an excellent alternative biological media to the eco-system. The abundance of natural mineral content provides a rich soil system for optimal cultivation of plants and aquatic life sustenance.

BORNEOWILD PLANT SOIL II is able to maintain crystal clear water by absorbing impurities and brown tannin coloration released by driftwood. It reduces the presence of ammonia, thus allow safer and faster introduction of fishes and invertebrates.

Jointly developed with popular Shrimp Breeders of Benibachi.


  • Multi purpose plant growth formula
  • Nutrient rich natural earth
  • Promotes fast healthy roots
  • Activates beneficial bacterium
  • Maintains ph 5.5-6.5
  • Clear water setups
  • Granules crumble resistant
  • No need to rinse
  • Add Shrimps within a week


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