BORNEOWILD NUMAUDDO - Malayan Driftwood (Large Branch) 55-70cm

Driftwood is wood that has been washed onto a shore or beach of a sea or river by the action of winds, tides, waves or man. In some waterfront areas, driftwood is a major nuisance. However, the driftwood provides shelter and food for birds, fish and other aquatic species as it floats in the ocean.

What is so special about BORNEOWILD Driftwood?
Unlike other driftwood, BORNEOWILD driftwood comes from the root systems of Malaysian hardwood trees. After long periods of immersion in water, only the hardest parts of the roots remain. Just touch any piece of BORNEOWILD driftwood to feel the difference.

Why is this important?
BORNEOWILD driftwood sinks. Due to the prolonged immersion in water, most of the degradable parts were washed away. There is very little further deterioration. What is left leaches very little and thus BORNEOWILD driftwood does not affect the colour and water quality as much as other ordinary driftwood. This was independently verified by a test conducted by a leading aquatics manufacturer.

What is so unique about BORNEOWILD driftwood?
BORNEOWILD driftwood is Nature's art creations. No two pieces are alike. The beautiful branching forms of BORNEOWILD driftwood look good from different angles. Just shifting your driftwood will offer you a totally different visual perspective.

How do I use BORNEOWILD driftwood?
The unique forms of BORNEOWILD driftwood are perfect for aquascaping in a planted aquarium, whether as a centerpiece or as an element of your overall design. They are great as a base to grow moss. The hardness of the wood also makes BORNEOWILD driftwood perfect for use as perches in avian and rodents habitats. They look great in flower arrangements too. On its own, BORNEOWILD driftwood makes very attractive display pieces.

How do I use BORNEOWILD driftwood?
BORNEOWILD driftwood is carefully selected, trimmed where necessary, washed and dried before leaving our warehouse. However, it is prudent to rinse your selected piece of BORNEOWILD driftwood with warm water prior to putting it into your tank as it may be contaminated during transit. 

Large Branch 55-70cm


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