Blue Gudgeon Dartfish (Ptereleotris heteroptera)


The Blue Gudgeon Goby, Ptereleotris heteroptera, which is actually a type of Dartfish, is a unique and enchanting addition to marine aquaria. This peaceful species is geographically widespread, found in the rocky rubble zones of the Indian and Pacific oceans, where they can sometimes be found inhabiting the burrows of pistol shrimps (though no interaction between the two creatures has been observed to date, this is unnatural and likely an opportunistic behavior). Flaunting an elongated body of rich cerulean shades, P. heteroptera also presents a sweeping lyretail, often times accented with a delicate, yet impressive, threadlike filament.

In the home aquarium, P. heteroptera does best in an environment with plenty of rocky sanctuaries. This species should only be kept singly or as an established pair - even though they occur in groups in the wild, they are really groups formed of breeding pairs that cluster together for protection. In an aquarium, males do not tolerate one another well and when housed with related dartfishes may tear each other to shreds. Nobody knows if these are sequential hermaphrodites or gonochoristic, so it may or may not be risky to just buy two and throw them together - you don't want to ever end up with two males, unless the tank is very large.

A deep sand bed is a must for burrowing, and a minimum tank size of 30-gallons or more will do well to accommodate for their six-inch maximum length. When spooked, P. heteroptera may attempt to jump ship, so make sure you have a tight-fitting lid in place to prevent tragic and unnecessary loss. These are really timid fishes, and putting them in a tank with anything even remotely aggressive will make them hide all day, every day, denying you the pleasure of admiring your beautiful fish! An obligate carnivore, be sure to provide a mixed meaty diet of frozen and marine pellets daily.

Purchase Size: approx 3-4"

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