BENIBACHI Golden Soil 7.2 soil (5L)

The BENIBACHI Golden Soil 7.2 soil stablizes at a PH of 7.2 and creates an ideal water quality for fish and plants that prefers high PH and GH. The soil is suitable for keeping of Golden Eye Tiger Shrimps, Black Diamond, Guppy and others. Water clears up quickly after newly setup. 

To set up a new shrimp tank, simple sprinkle BENIBACHI BEE MAX and BENIBACHI MINERAL POWDER at the bottom of the tank, before topping it off with the CRIMSON GOLDEN SOIL 7.2.

Alternatively, use BORNEOWILD MINERAX, BORNEOWILD BEBI and BORNEOWILD VIGOR to sprinkle at the bottom of tank. 

Recommended Amount of Soil to use:

  • 30cm cube tank…… ···5 liter
  • 45×30×30cm tank…… ···7.5 liters
  • 60×30×36cm tank…… ···10 liters
  • 90×45×45cm tank…… ···22 liters
  • 120×45×45cm tank… ···30 liter

Above-mentioned amount will create a substrate with thickness of 5.5 - 6.0cm


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