BENIBACHI Crimson Bee Black Soil 5L

The BENIBACHI Crimson Bee Black soil maintains a mild acidity (pH 6 ±0.5) in the water, creating a conducive living and breeding environment for CRS. It is capable of absorbing impurities, nitrate and phosphate in a newly set up tank thus allowing the soil to clear up overnight quickly.

CRIMSON BEE BLACK SOIL also contains trace element that improves the health of shrimps and helps to prevent death of shrimp from unsuccessful moulting.

With a granule size of 2-3mm and its specially designed ingredient, the CRIMSON BEE BLACK SOIL appears fresh and shiny in a close up shot, and brings out the best coloration of the photographed subject.

Time required before adding shrimps:

  • Aged tank water : After 3 days
  • New tap water (Dechlorinated) : After 7 days

To set up a new shrimp tank, simple sprinkle BENIBACHI BEE MAX and BENIBACHI MINERAL POWDER at the bottom of the tank, before topping it off with the CRIMSON BEE BLACK SOIL. You can also add BENIBACHI FULVIC GRAINS on top of the soil for better result.

Alternatively, use BORNEOWILD MINERAX, BORNEOWILD BEBI and BORNEOWILD VIGOR to sprinkle at the bottom of tank. 

Recommended Amount of Soil to use:

  • 30cm cube tank…… ···5 liter
  • 45×30×30cm tank…… ···7.5 liters
  • 60×30×36cm tank…… ···10 liters
  • 90×45×45cm tank…… ···22 liters
  • 120×45×45cm tank… ···30 liter

Above-mentioned amount will create a substrate with thickness of 5.5 - 6.0cm


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