Beaphar XtraVital Rabbit Feed

XtraVital Rabbit Feed is an extremely palatable, well-balanced, premium feed. The feed contains all necessary vitamins together with chelated minerals (minerals surrounded by a protein coating for improved absorption) and is tailored to the nutritional requirements of rabbits. XtraVital is rich in proteins and roughage so stimulating optimal digestion. In addition the feed has a low fat content to prevent fat formation around the internal organs. With the addition of Echinacea, a plant extract that maintains a healthy immune system, this feed ensures a lively and vivacious rabbit with a beautiful coat and healthy skin.
Sizes available: 1kg
Because the feed is very tasty, your rabbit will readily take to it. However, for the first few days keep an eye on food intake and mix in a little of the old feed if necessary. The daily amount of feed is dependent upon the size and weight of your rabbit. Give the amount of feed that the rabbit eats up completely in one day. If there is some feed left over, give a little less feed the next day. Repeat this until the ideal amount has been found. As a general guideline for the average amount of feed per day: Small/mini-Pole, Dutch Dwarf: +/- 60g, Dutch Lop ear: +/- 85g, Rex: +/- 115g, Giant rabbit (French Lop-ear, Flemish Giant, Belgian Hare): +/- 170-450g, English Giant: +/- 340-450g. Fresh feed, fresh hay and fresh drinking water should be given every day.

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