Beaphar XtraVital Hamster Feed

XtraVital Hamster Feed is an extremely palatable, well-balanced, premium feed. Since hamsters living in the wild, mainly eat grains, worms and insects, hamsters should be given animal protein in their diet. XtraVital contains fresh turkey, a high-fat content to supply plenty of energy and chelated minerals (minerals surrounded by a protein coating for improved absorption). With the addition of Echinacea, a plant extract which maintains a healthy immune system, this feed ensures a lively and vivacious hamster with a beautiful coat and healthy skin.
Sizes available: 500g
The best time to feed hamsters is in the evening when they wake up. This corresponds with their natural eating behaviour in the wild. The average hamster eats about 5 to 7 grams of XtraVital each day. Give your hamster as much as it eats completely in one day. Be vigilant – hamsters are great hoarders! Don’t let your pet’s hoard become too big or the food may become mouldy and inedible. It may also only pick out its favourite pieces if you feed it too much, which will unbalance its diet. Give fresh feed and clean drinking water every day.

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