Beaphar CARE+ Extruded Junior Rabbit Food

Care+ Junior Rabbit is a very tasty, super-premium complete feed for young rabbits up to 10 months. Care+ has been developed in collaboration with Veterinary Surgeons, nutritionists and rabbit experts. Since every extrusion (pellet) has the same composition, selective feeding will be prevented. The extrusions are smaller than those of Care+ for adult rabbits, which makes them easier for young rabbits to eat. The result is no more left-overs and the assurance that a complete diet has been consumed. Care+ Junior Rabbit is rich in Vitamin A and E and contains a well-balanced calcium / phosphoros ratio for healthy growth. Care+ has a low fat content and contains a well-balanced Omega 6 / Omega 3 fatty acid ratio. Natural Ingredients like; Echinacea, Spirulina and Yucca schidigera have been added and the minerals in this feed are surrounded by a protein coating, which improves absorption and supply to the body. FOS & MOS are included to support the intestinal flora. The variety of different ingredients in Care+ Junior Rabbit make it a perfectly balanced feed for your rabbit.

Rabbits aged 3-6 weeks should have the opportunity to eat small quantities Care + Junior Rabbit and hay in addition to their mother’s milk. Between 6-10 weeks of age, they should be weaned onto solid food. During the first week after bringing your new rabbit home with you, feed the same food that the breeder or shop was feeding. During the second and third week, gradually change the food to CARE+ Junior Rabbit by mixing the two together. During its first 6 months, your rabbit can eat as much CARE+ as it wants. From about 6 months, the average rabbit will need about 35g of food per kg body weight per day, which is preferably split into 2 meals. At 9 -10 months of age, gradually change to CARE+ Rabbit for adult rabbits. For pregnant and nursing rabbits, unlimited access to  CARE+ Junior Rabbit is recommended. Fresh drinking water and hay should be provided at all times.

1.5 Kilograms

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