BEAMSWORK Hi-Lumen 30 (30-45cm) (Skyblue)

Superior lumen output aquarium LED lighting. Ideal for use in freshwater and salt water aquariums. Reef Ready. Compact sleek light housing for very limited space setup. Low heat operation. Completed with full splash guard and extendable bracket.

200% brighter than the original power series model. 


  • Lumen: 1200
  • LED setting: 0.5W LED x 24 ( 10000K daylight x21, Actinic 460nm x3) 
  • 2 mode switch: 
    • Full mode - All daylight and actinic LED on.
    • Lunar mode - Actinic LED on only.
  • Individual power cord for each function
  • Extendable bracket
  • Non-corrosive powder coated aluminum housing
  • Full acrylic splash guard
  • CE Certified

Fits aquarium 30cm.


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