AIXIA Kenko-Can Chicken Fillet & Tuna Mousse for Cats +11yrs 40g

Thick paste (mousse) tuna-based wet cat food
High in Calcium, Minerals, DHA and Taurine
Enhances Immunity, Health & Urinary Maintenance 
Formulated for cats above 11 years old

Kenko means 'Health" and the Aixia Kenko-Can is formulated specifically for cats in different life stages. 

The Aixia Kenko-Can Tuna Mousse for Cats +11yrs is suitable for adult and mature cats above 11 years old. 

It is based on tuna and is a complete and specialised diet for health maintenance. 

The Aixia Kenko-Can Tuna Mousse for Cats +11yrs enhances your feline's immunity, health & urinary maintenance. 

This canned cat food is a thick mousse type and also has Calcium, Magnesium, DHA, Taurine, Lactosucrose and Vitamin E added. 

Ingredients: Seafood (Maguro, Fish extract, etc.), Oils (Sunflower oil, DHA oil), Glucose, Lactosucrose, B2, B6, B12, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Folic acid, Biotin, Choline)

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