Red Sea Aiptasia-X Refill 500ml

Red Sea Aiptasia-X Refill 500ml
  • Reef-safe Aiptasia Treatment Refill
  • Aiptasia-X is a unique, thick adhesive mixture that globulates on contact with the aquarium water.
  • It is easily injected near to the oral disk of the anemone and stimulates the anemone to ingest the material without causing it to withdraw.
  • Within minutes of ingesting the Aiptasia-X the anemone will implode, eradicating both the anemone and planulas. 
  • Aiptasia-X globules will not affect the sessile polyps of corals and allows for the safe treatment of Aiptasia that have grown inside coral colonies.
  • Excess Aiptasia-X will decompose over time without causing any harm to the reef.

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