ADA Unzan Stone M

Unzan stone is a skillfully processed stone with volcanic texture and natural looking pockets carved into the stone, allowing for inserts of aqua soil Amazonia into the pocket and plant your favorite type of carpeting plant inside -giving you an incredibly natural and zen like layout. As it is available in various sizes, it can be used for many different Aquascapes in various tank sizes. 

Due to the delicate nature of Unzan stone, every single piece is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and other high quality packing materials to preserve the integrity of the stone for you.

Medium size Unzan stone is ideal for small to medium size aquariums (such as 30-C, 45P or 60P). One Unzan stone is sufficient for small sized aquariums such as 30-C, you may select to use two Unzan stones (one small and one Medium) for 45P for more variety. Medium Unzan stones also allow for complimentary pieces to larger Unzan in bigger aquariums such as 60P, 75P and up. 

The stone need to be rinsed with water before use. 

*As it is natural stone, it has a variety in color.


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