ADA Super Jet Filter ES-1200

With this classical style of external filters, we employed a new system of water activation which Plocher Vertriebs established in Germany. The form of the filter canister is designed for effective circulation of water through the filter media which minimizes the burden on the motor and allows a long time use. A special device employing the Plocher Energy System, revives the activities of bacteria and microorganisms, and rejuvenates the aquarium water to a harmonized condition. The quality of the aquarium water and the overall conditions of the aquarium improves with the unique effects of Plocher Energy.

By stimulating the dissolution of oxygen into the aquarium water, activities of bacteria and microorganisms is activated and their biological filtration ability is increased.

Adopting the classical form of external filter with the motor mounted on the canister separately, to decrease the influence of the electromagnetic waves to the bacteria colonized on the filter media and to maximize the beneficial effects of Plocher Energy System.

Quality materials and simple form for best durability on the German standard.

* For freshwater aquarium use only.

Common Specification

  • Filtration media: Bio Rio M8L
  • Dimension: Diameter 220x H510mm
  • Capacity: 12L
  • low Rate 19L/min (60Hz)
  • Maximum Head 3.4m (60Hz)
  • Standard Accessories / Outflow glass pipe · Inflow glass pipe · Inflow Hose Ø17 (15 / 20mm) · Outflow Hose Ø13 (12 / 16mm) · Hose Band (Small)


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