ADA Pro-Scissors Nude (315mm)

In order to maintain the condition of planted aquariums, aquatic plants need to be trimmed regularly and withered leaves have to be removed carefully. With ADA Trimming Scissors, such work can be done easily and precisely. Long and narrow blades allow delicate operation even in small spaces. The shape of the handles are designed to perfectly fit your hand.  

Simply dry off after use. 


  • Highly versatile trimming scissors, allows you to easily reach into difficult areas such as under rocks and driftwood, all sorts of odd angles.
  • Curved tip is designed specially for trimming forground plants. Makes maintenance of popular forground plants like Glossostigma far easier and less strenuous on wrist and fingers.
  • High quality stainless steel.
  • A true precision instrument. 
  • Likely the last pair of trimming scissors you will ever need to buy. 

Length: 315mm (12.4 inches)


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