ADA NA Carbon (750ml)

NA Carbon is quality activated carbon with a high absorption capability of excess waste which often obstruct a balanced condition in the aquarium. The absorption capability of NA Carbon is 5-20 times higher than conventional activated carbons. Special treatment enables minimum influence on the pH level of water.  

NA Carbon is used primarily when the aquarium is first set up. Activated carbon exhausts its absorption capabilities fairly quickly- usually after just a few weeks. Afer that period of time, it is OK to leave NA carbon in the filter as it will simply become additional surface area for beneficial nitrifying bacteria. Or you may choose to replace NA Carbon with additional biological filter media, such as ADA BIO RIO. 


  • Superior absorption.
  • Highly effective in realtively small amounts, leavin more room in the filter canister for biological media. 
  • Pellet is effective to avoid filter clogging.
  • Special treatment enables minimum influence on pH. 
  • Becomes good surface area for bacteria after intial use.


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