ADA Multi Bottom (30pcs)

Nutrient coated sticks with a balanced formula of trace elements vital for aquatic plants. Multi Bottom dissolves slowly and contains various trace elements such as iron, manganese, copper, zinc, molybdenum, and boron. Multi Bottomgently and constantly supplies necessary nutrients which tend to be insufficient, especially when the plants are mature and densely grown. 

Excellent for sustaining healthy long-term growth of plants species such as Echinodorus, Crytocoryne, and Blyxa that derive more nutrition from the substrate. 

Use Multi Bottom "Long" with larger plants and aquariums with deeper substrates. 


Silt gathers around plant roots and provides a good medium for bacterial colonization. Proper functions of bacteria, through their nitrifying processes, change ammonia to nitrogen compounds which are then consumed by aquatic plants through their roots.

Oxygen- Sufficient supply of oxygen is vital for aerobic bacteria. Insufficient oxygen prompts the activity of anaerobic bacteria which produce toxic substances such as nitrous acid. 

Nutrients in Power Sand- Nutrients contained in Power Sand are slowly dissolved and absorbed by plant roots. 

Fertilizer in the substrate- Organic matter in Power Sand or other bottom fertilizers such as Multi Bottom or Iron Bottom, can be absorbed by aquatic plants, only when they are broken down to inorganic matter by bacteria. 

Fertile peat- Works effectively to stimulate the establishment of association between bacteria and aquatic plants.


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