ADA Lily Pipe Outflow P-6 (17mm)

Outflow Lily Pipe made for filters with 17mm diameter tubing. The outflow Lily Pipes are often used even without the inflow Lily Pipe as they provide the additional function of night time or lights-off aeration as well as complete elimination of surface film when raised. Because the suction cup is on the outside of the aquarium, it is very easy to raise the outflow Lily Pipe for lights-off aeration or surface film removal function. 

All glass inflow and outflow filter pipe designed for make idealistic water flow for the plant growth. Lily Pipe is produced from fine Japanese glass by the hand of expert glass craftsman. Use with canister filter. 

Recommended for 180cm aquariums or around 100+ gallons. Fits outflow tubing for Eheim model 2260, for example. 

Outflow Size: 60mm


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