ADA Green Brighty STEP-2

In the Nature Aquarium, the condition of aquatic plants and their surrounding environment (such as water quality and substrate condition) change over time. 3 months after planting, roots and leaves of aquatic plans have matured and begun normal growth. Among other trace elements, aquatic plants require Iron in this period, and iron deficiency often causes whitening of plants buds or leaves. Green Brighty STEP 2 is rich in Iron.  


  • Made with natural deep sea water (desalinated), which is rich in minerals. 
  • Designed and formulated for use at a specific period of growth, thereby taking some of the guesswork out of adding liquid fertilizers.


  • For use during the growing stage / use from 3 months to 1 year after planting.  
  • Provide 1 push (1ml) for each 5 gallons (20 liters) daily. Adjust the amount accordingly to the nutrient requirements of your aquatic plants (for example, a tank densly planted with stemmed plants will likely require a slightly higher dose than a more minimalistic layout of only hairgrass or moss).


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