ADA ECA (50ml)

ECA (Efficient Complex Acid) contains natural organic acid and iron in a liquid form for easy absorption by aquatic plants. Organic acid enhances bacterial activity and the growth of the plants thereby improving the overall conditions of the aquarium. Iron helps plants in the formation of essential pigments for photosynthesis such as Chlorophyll. It prevents such problems as whitening of new buds and waning leaf color. It also serves to stimulate the development of new buds by activating various enzymes relevant to the the metabolism of aquatic plants.

ECA is the most popular companion supplement to the regular liquid regimen of Green Brighty STEP series and Brighty K.


  • Regular dosage: To prevent color loss of young buds and stimulate bacterial activity, add 2 drops of ECA per 5 liters (1.5 gallons) once per week. (To distribute ECA evenly in the aquarium, dose near the filter outflow, as ECA is heavier than water and may not spread throughout the whole aquarium easily).
  • Treatment of color loss or whitening of leaves: If whitening of new buds or color loss of reddish stemmed plants is observed, add 2 drops of ECA per 5 liters (1.5 gallons) of water everyday. Carefully observe new buds. When the color returns to normal, follow the Regular dosage listed above. 
  • Usage in combination with other additives/liquid fertilizers: Trace elements such as iron or manganese are essential fo the healthy growth of aquatic plants. But ECA does not provide all the trace elements necessary. The effects of ECA are therefore maximized when it is used with other additives and fertilizers.


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