AQUASKY is a LED lighting system specifically designed for aquatic plant layouts in nano-size aquariums.

Whereas this product provides enough light intensity for plant growth, it requires less power consumption improving cost performance. The slim lighting unit has a high radiation performance and its clear stand provides an open feeling to the top of the aquarium.

The point light source of a single LED unit seems providing very high brightness. However, to be used in a lighting system, it’s not enough for plant growth.

AQUASKY, equipped with efficient layout of 30 SMD LED lamps of 0.4W per unit, makes it possible to give excellent light distribution and light up the entire aquarium.

AQUASKY’s 12W luminous flux : 1,450~1,550lm is the best-in-class light quality.


  • Light housing unit size: W430mm x D68mm x H10mm (for W45cm tank)
  • Input voltage: AC 240V 50/60Hz 
  • Power consumption: 22W 
  • Current consumption: 650mA ±5%
  • Color temperature: 7,000K – 8,000K 
  • LED: 0.4W/each x 45
  • AQUASKY is a CE certified product (CE Mark)
  • This product has a power supply cord on the side.

AQUASKY 451 is compatible with ADA Cube Garden / Cube Glass in the following sizes:

  • W45 x D24 x H16 (cm) glass thickness 5mm
  • W45 x D24 x H30 (cm) glass thickness 5mm
  • W45 x D27 x H30 (cm) glass thickness 5mm


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