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The S2/P series delivers an unparalleled list of features intelligently integrated into a salt resistant aluminum framework that will never let you down.

Reef S2/P Tank

The CADE Reef S2/P professional peninsula Aquarium is an intelligently designed foundation enabling the aquarist to build a truely personalised Reef Aquarium system without limitation.

√ CADE tanks are beautifully crafted with super high clarity Opti-Clear glass finished with flat polished edges in a rimless design.Constructed using the highest quality German 'Wacker' silicone and precision applied producing perfect gaps and razor sharp edges.

√ Silent slimline 'Twin Intake' Weir allows for efficient debris uptake at all levels and acts as an emergency intake in the event of blockage.

√ Twin outlets directing flow along the perimeter creates a central undercurrent back to the weir.

√ Extra wide profiles (Reef S2/P 1500 - 750mm / Reef S2/P 1800 - 800mm). Additional width enables the aquarist to create depth to their hardscape from all viewing angles with adequate room for coral growth and extension.

√ Pre laminated white base glass makes it perfect for a bare bottom reef or a thin layer of sand that is often pushed around exposing the base glass.

√ Sleek aluminum Jump Net included assembled.

√ Laser etched CADE 'badge of honour' authentication.


Highest clarity Opti-Clear glass complimented by perfect silicone edges.

√ The S2/P is a rimless open top design boasting super high clarity Opti-Clear glass with flat polished edges glued together using the highest quality German 'Wacker' silicone available for Aquarium use. 

√ Silicone is precision applied to produce perfect gaps and a razor sharp minimalist finish.

√ Clear silicone only! Black silicone hides imperfections like air bubbles and delamination that could eventually lead to failure.

√ White laminate is pre-applied to the underside of the tank perfect for those that prefer a bare bottom reef experience.

√ CADE logo laser etched with the front panel serving as your guarantee of authenticity.


Efficient Twin Intake Weir and emergency flow backup.

√ The CADE Reef S2/P slimline glass Weir incorporates both surface and low-level water intakes enabling superior uptake of heavier debris that would otherwise fail to reach surface intakes on regular weirs.

√ Twin weir intakes also serve as an emergency back up if one intake becomes blocked making it an important safety feature of our systems.

√ Behind the low intake vent is a sealed glass channel that diverts water to the surface and prevents water directly flooding the weir. This also functions to direct the debris to the surface for efficient intake into drainage pipes rather than into the weir and settling at the bottom avoiding filtration.


Jump Net Cover included with every tank.

√ CADE Jump Net Covers are a slimline aluminum design and are supplied standard with every Reef series Aquarium to ensure the safety of all your precious and sometimes adventurous inhabitants. Ever better, for your convenience we provide them assembled.


Reef S2/P Cabinet

CADE's focus is to provide the Aquarist with an intelligently designed indestructible foundation enabling you to build a truely personalised Aquarium system without compromise.

√ Constructed using 100% Water and Corrosion proof materials. Aluminum, glass, plastic and 316 stainless screws.

√ Cabinet supplied assembled with sump safely secured inside.Ventilated chiller and dry goods storage. Shelf for dosing pump and a chiller water feed tap.

√ Power management zone, incl. controller mount panel opening to power management zone.

√ Power boards each with 8 sockets. Double sided with front switches and rear sockets.

√ Pre fitted tank mat.

√ Adjustable levelling feet.

√ Magnetic door closers hidden within frames.

√ Quick release removable doors.


Ventilated dry area for chiller and dosing equipment.

√ Ventilated dry area suitably sized for a large chiller. 

√ Chiller water feed tap for easy plumbing.

√ Dosing pump shelf.

√ Adequate space for dosing vessels.

√ Pre drilled dosing line holes for easy feed to sump.

√ Cables from sump enter dry area and then into the power management area to ensure that all things powered are protected from water.


Dedicated controller and power management zones.

√ Neatly concealed 'controller panel' behind cabinet door for mounting all your Aquarium controllers.

√ Controllers are easily accessible and can be displayed neatly whilst remaining safe from water damage.

√ Double sided power distribution units (PDU) with switches on the outside and plugs on the inside keep cabling hidden.

√ The controller panel opens to the 'power management zone' a safe dry space for cable and power brick storage.

Reef S2/P Filtration

The CADE S2/P is equipped with an all glass raceway sump that is uniquely designed to provide optimum flow and unmatched filtration versatility.

√ Filter sock mechanical filtration.Macro Algae Chamber (removable baffle).

√ Sizeable Protein Skimmer chamber.

√ Reactor Chamber with overhead reactor feed taps.

√ Filter basket chamber for bio and biochemical media Unique to CADE 

√ Return pump chamber 

√ Auto to off (ATO) freshwater reservoir

√ Raceway layout for optimum flow whilst eliminating dead spots.

√ It's silent! Splash free, zero waterfall flow dynamics eliminates noise and salt spray.

√ Pre-fabricated easy screw fit plumbing makes assembly a quick and easy process.


Feature rich filtration designed for versatility and absolute silence.


Quick connect plumbing, reactor feeds & industry leading Gate Valve.

√ Pre-fabricated 'quick connect' plumbing installs in minutes requiring no tools or silicone.

√ Industry leading fine tuneable Sanking 'Gate Valve' makes tuning down flow easy.

√ Additional water feed taps eliminate the need for additional pumps for reactors.


Macro algae / refugium divider.

√ Refugiums are a great way to manage nitrate and phosphate nutrient export in a saltwater Aquariums.

√ If this feature is not required simply slide out the removable baffle and use the space for another purpose.


Media baskets for allow easy maintenance and optimised filtration efficiency.

√ Media baskets are perfect for any form of Biological or Bio-Chemical filter media reducing the need for additional media reactors.

√ Easily removable to exchange expired bio-chemical media.

√ Flow controlled to maximise contact time improving bio and bio-chemical filtration efficiency.

√ Excess water bypasses the chamber and acts to surface skim the sump.


Flow sequenced filter sock design for high performance mechanical filtration.

√ The S2/P new raceway design filter incorporates twin filter socks on the S2/P 1200 and 2x2 step down filter socks on the S2/P 1500 & 1800 for further improved mechanical filtration efficiency.

√ Flow sequencing through each sock maximises maintenance lifespan.

√ Water jet cut holes within separating panels allow water to bypass when the filter socks are no longer flowing avoiding flooding.