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Create extra space with seamless connectivity to your main display with a Reef X Expansion System. Say goodbye to frag racks forever!

Reef X System

The Reef X system is our range of 'Expansion Systems' that enable the aquarist to build upon their existing Reef Aquarium. The Reef X plumbs into a main displays sump filter eliminating the need for a seperate filter offering the distinct advantage of maintaining identical water parameters. Reef X's primary purpose is for coral frag cultivation, however their applications are almost limitless. Reef X is supplied with a versatile plumbing system that is adaptable to a range of positioning configurations and it can be used with any sump filtered Aquarium and placed on any suitable cabinet.

Reef X is available in 4 sizes that configure perfectly with our Caddy cabinets for seamless integration with our Reef Series Aquariums whilst also allowing for versatility with positioning next to or away from the main display.

Model types:

√ Reef X 560 & 700 are both full width models (500mm wide) and fit the exact footprints of the Caddy 560 and 700 respectively.

√ Reef X 560/N & 700/N are narrower versions (400mm wide) creating space for cleaning if the display cabinet is positioned directly next to the main display tank.

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Beautifully crafted and purpose built with all the bells and whistles.Opti-clear low iron crystal clear 8mm glass with flat polished edges & CADE laser etched logo.

√ Twin intake vents that easily remove for cleaning.

√ Pre laminated white base for high light reflection for bare bottom setups.

√ Black laminated rear panel concealing the water management system.

√ Elevated rear panel (6cm) to enable easy installation of light mounts.

√ Neatly concealed 25mm return with direction outflow.

√ Rubber tank mat & Aluminum jump net supplied (not pictured).

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Versatile water management system that adapts to your situation.Slimline bolt-on twin drainage weir that operates silently.

√ Twin 32mm drainage including Sanking fine tuning gate valve & emergency overflow.

√ Adaptable plumbing system supplied unglued to enable user desired fabrication based on positioning.

√ Soft hose connections for both drainage and outflow not included.

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Water Management

The Reef X plumbs right into your existing sump. We provide an external slimline bolt-on weir (7cm wide) with modular versatile plumbing system that can be adapted to suit both left and right tank positioning.

√ External bolt-on slimline Weir (7cm wide) with cover. Silent operation.

√ Removable drain vents for cleaning.

√ Main drain and emergency drains (32mm diameter).

√ Options for configuring the weir drains to suit tank positioning on both left/right sides of main display.

√ Plumbing is supplied unglued to enable adaptation to your specific installation requirements.Soft hose (32mm) that connects weir drains to sump drains not included.

√ Return pump outlet supplied (25mm). Hose connection not included.

Cabinet Options

The Reef X system is not supplied with a cabinet standard. We've made them to marry beautifully with the CADE Caddy however they can be placed upon on any suitable cabinet. 

Using the Reef X on a Caddy.

We have configured the Reef X's 4 models to perfectly suit the widths of the Caddy 560 and 700 models.

√ Reef X 560 & 560/N suits Caddy 560. Reef X 700 & 700/N suits Caddy 700.

√ All Reef X systems can be installed on any Caddy with a footprint larger than the Reef X tank.The Caddy comes with a supported glass top suitable to hold the filled weight of the Reef X.

√ The Reef X comes with a rubber tank mat to protect the tank when placed on your choice of cabinet.