April Cash Raffle. FNM is running a raffle with prizes up to $250 cash vouchers.

In order to participate, please follow the steps.

1. Go to www.freshnmarine.com
2. Login into your account, if you do not have an account you will need to register.
3. Click the “Earn Rewards” tab on the right side (desktop) or bottom (mobile).
4. Click “Get Rewards” and select the Raffle coupon.
5. Click redeem, you have now claimed 1 entry into the raffle for 100 points (please ignore the copy button).
6. Repeat as many times as you w

ould like.

If you do not have enough points please click on the Earn Points tabs to find out how to earn more points.

The raffle ends on 30 April 2022 at midnight.

The raffle winners will be announced on 1 May 2022 in this group. Please WhatsApp/Telegram message us for any enquires (88304669).