TIP from FNM: Herbivorous Fish Feeding Habit

Herbivores are on the opposite end of the dietary food chain from carnivores. Although herbivores can sometimes be seen eating live foods, the proper diet for herbivores comprises of plants, algae and fruits. Examples are octocinclus catfish, sucker fish (plecostomus), black Molly and snails.

They have no true stomach, instead they have a specialised intestine that is capable of breaking down plant matter. Their teeth are flat, which allows them to grind food before swallowing it. Due to their lack of stomach to hold large volumes of food, they must eat frequently, at least several times per day. As they are required to feed frequently, they are not the best choice for a community tank. 

Herbivores require a diet of all or mostly vegetable matter. True herbivores do not have a large stomach and hence, have to eat more frequently. These fish are primarily vegetarian, and should be fed accordingly. 

Dietary types of popular aquarium fish for Carnivores

  • Molly - Algae-eater that also eat vegetables such as spinach. It will also accept insects and flakes.
  • Farewell - Eat vegetables tablets and algae.
  • Pacu - Prefers fresh vegetables, will eat vegetable flakes and fruits.
  • Silver Dollar - Feed fresh vegetables, vegetable flakes and tablets.
  • Tropheus - Accepts algae, plants, spirulina and vegetable flakes.

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