SPS/Coral Premium Frags Exclusively for Online Sale on Demand!

We now offer premium SPS coral frags over 40 species available exclusively online for your pick, order, for delivery. All species are available on demand basis. 

Please note all livestocks are not for international sale for now. 

Disclaimer Note

  • Pictures of the corals frags displayed here are for reference only and they are NOT the actual frags for sale. 
  • The pics are meant to provide buyers a reference on how a particular species of interest looks like in terms of its color, growth and shape. 
  • It is important to know that SPS are sensitive corals where the colors are highly and easily subjected to their environment lighting, nutrient level etc. Hence it is possible there could be slight difference between the actual frags shipped to you versus the reference pics. This is caused by the difference of the lighting and water parameters over time when the reference corals pic are taken and actual frags at the time of sale.

Frag Size

  • For acropora branching type 30-50mm 
  • For monitpora / LPS encrusting type 20-30mm diameter
  • For softies zoas type 1-3 polyps per frags. 
  • For special request of larger size frags, please email us at sales@freshNmarine.com for a separate pricing.


  • Please ensure proper acclimatisation is done before your newly purchased frags are added into your tank. 

For more detailed pictures of each species, click on this Collection


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