Accel Aquatics Wide Vortex Twist Flow Accelerator - Model VAR

A water flow accelerator is a great way to add extra water flow to your aquarium. There are several styles available and some can increase waterflow by up to 400%! By increasing water circulation, you can help to increase oxygenation, reduce dead spots and prevent detritus from accumulating.

The water flow accelerator (also know as a penductor) simply screws into the aquarium water return line or can be adapted to many water pumps or powerheads. A flexible ball socket joint allows you to direct the water where you need it most.

Model VAR - Features
    • Wide Vortex nozzle to cover a wider area than the standard Vortex nozzle
    • Rotating water diverter to increase random water flow
    • Accelerates the water flow speed to increase the water flow circulation
    • High quality durable ABS plastic construction
    • Compact size and light weight
    • Maximum flow rate 660 GPH
    • Includes 1/2", 3/4" and 1" MPT connectors
    ***NOTE: NOT compatible with "Loc-Line" fittings.

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