Skimz ELS-S304 Nylon Filter Sock

Skimz Xtend-Life 100% nylon filter sock is designed to provide long service life, capturing a large amount of particles thus giving the water a clean, almost sparkling look.

Skimz ELS-S304 Filter Sock can hold up to twice the amount of dirt as a traditional felt bag to reducing waste and bag changes. The porous material allows water to pass through freely, but traps particles and blocks large objects from entering the sump tank.

Skimz ELS-S304 Filter Sock is made of washable nylon which is easy to clean and reusable.

Longer service life
Fewer change-outs

Material: 300-micron fine mesh nylon

Skimz ELS-S304 - 240mm Short (4” x 9.45”)
Skimz ELS-L304 - 355mm Long (4” x 14”)
Use of the Skimz Xtend-Life filter sock will prolong the life of pump and reduce its cleaning and maintenance requirements.

Skimz Xtend-Life filter sock available in two sizes: ELS-S304 and ELS-L304

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