Rotala Macrandra Pink - Aquatic Farmer Tissue Culture

  • Rotala Macrandra Pink is a beautiful aquarium plant that is highly enjoyed by enthusiasts.
  • Like most Rotala species, its delicate and dramatic appearance makes for a bold mid-ground to background aquatic plant choice.
  • Its only downside, subjectively, is that is quite demanding and requires specific care to flourish.
  • High lighting must be used to yield vivid coloration and CO2 injection is very beneficial for the health of this species.
  • When planting Rotala Macrandra Pink, ample space should be left in between to ensure all areas of the plant receive good lighting and consistent pruning will be necessary.
  • With patient care, this aquarium plant can produce beautiful color variations to a planted tank and stems will show a pale orange to light pink color at the tips depending on the intensity of the lighting fixture used.
  • To propagate, take a cutting from one of the plant's side shoots or axial roots and re-plant it into quality aquarium soil such as Ultum Nature Systems Controsoil!

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