Maxspect Recurve R6 LED Series

This striking new unit is available in 3 sizes, a single cluster model up to 160 watts for tanks between 24″ to 36″ long, a 240 watt model with two clusters for tanks between 36″ to 48″ and a bigger unit with three central LED clusters, and up to 320 watts of power for tanks between 48″ and 60″ long.

The Recurve features adjustable LED wings allowing users to concentrate the light towards the centre of the tank for better depth penetration or to widen the spread of light on larger aquariums. This ground-breaking innovation sets the Recurve apart from other lighting units on the market today.

In terms of controllability the Recurve hands you control over 6 channels both manually and via a wireless app for Android and iOS devices. Built in pre-sets will allow the light to mimic natural weather patterns whilst users can also create their own 24 hour programs to customise their lighting like never before.

High quality LED clusters form the nucleus of the unit delivering high PAR light intensity. The revolutionary adjustable wings feature two side-mounted LED strips giving four channels of LED colour control, with individual adjustment possible for a blue, deep blue, red and UV colour channels.

  • 30° Adjustable Diffused LED Strips that Mimic Supplemental T5 Lighting
  • Ultra Slim Architectural Grade Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • On-Board Advanced Controller with OLED Display
  • Wireless Controllability with iOS and Android Devices*
  • Connect and Control Multiple Recurve Fixtures
  • Enhances Coral Growth & Coloration
  • Utilizes the 410/420nm Spectrum
  • 6 Programmable Color Channels
  • Mimic Nature from Dawn to Dusk
  • Includes Tank-top Mounting Legs

* Optional iOS and Android control requires Maxspect Connect (ICV6), sold separately.

R6 Specification
Channel Led Cluster R6-060 R6-090 R6-120
A Cree XPE-2 470-480nm 6 9 12
Cree XTE Royal Blue 452-455nm 6 9 12
luxeon-c Deep Blue 445-450mm 6 9 12
B Cree XTE Warm White 3000-3500K 4 6 8
Cree XTE Cool White 6500-7000K( 8 12 16
LED Strip R6-060 R6-090 R6-120
C Epiled Deep Red 660nm 36 54 72
D Epiled Cyan 505nm 36 54 72
E Epiled Blue 480nm 36 54 72
F Epiled Violet 405nm 24 36 48
Epiled Violet 415nm 24 36 48
Epiled Deep Blue 440nm 24 36 48


Model R6-060 R6-090 R6-120
Dimension 600x445x118mm 23.6”x17.5”x4.6” 900x445x118mm 35.4”x17.5”x4.6” 1200x445x118mm 47.2”x17.5”x4.6”
Net Weight 4.35kg 6.35kg 8.35kg
Suit for Tank 600-900mm 23.6"-35.4"(2'-3') 900-1200mm 35.4"-47.2"(3'-4') 1200-1500mm 47.2"-59"(4'-5')
Rate Power 160W 240W 320W
PSU Meanwell lrs-200-24 Input: 4A/115VAC, 2.2A/220VAC Output:24V/8.8A Weight:939g Meanwell lrs-350-36 Input: 6.8A/115VAC, 3.4A/220VAC Output:36V/9.7A Weight:1.23kg Meanwell lrs-350-36 Input: 6.8A/115VAC, 3.4A/220VAC Output:36V/9.7A Weight:1.23kg

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