Eleocharis Pusilla - Aquatic Farmer Tissue Culture

  • Eleocharis Pusilla, more simply known as Hair Grass, is a beautiful aquarium plant that is used commonly in aquascaping for its low-growing, lawn forming abilities.
  • Eleocharis Pusilla is a generally undemanding foreground aquatic plant choice and will readily produce reliable ground coverage in an aquarium tank.
  • With foliage resembling blades of grass, Eleocharis Pusilla has a bright green color that pops against darker aquatic plants.
  • This aquarium plant will grow without high-light and CO2 injection, but we highly recommend implementing these factors as it will aid in quicker and lusher growth.
  • Eleocharis Pusilla grows via runners and will quickly spread if conditions are optimal.
  • To prevent this aquarium plant from growing in unwanted areas of a planted aquarium tank, frequent trimming and maintenance will be required once the aquarium plant takes off. 

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