Aquarium Munster FAUNAMOR 20mL

FAUNAMOR against Ichthyophthirius ("White Spot")

Ichthyophthirius ("white spot") is one of the most common diseases of ornamental fish. The infection occurs when the immune system of the fish is weakened due to transport or the introduction into a new environment. Infected ornamental fish exhibit white, granular lesions on the gills, fins and body which can spread. Infected fish contract their fins and attempt to remove the parasites by rubbing. Fish on which the infection is particularly pronounced on the gills quickly become apathetic and lose weight rapidly.

FAUNAMOR brings fast help. The specific combination of active ingredients prevents the Ichthyophthirius parasite from multiplying in the aquarium water. In this way, FAUNAMOR interrupts the disease's development cycle, successfully fighting Ichthyophthirius and providing reliable protection against potential associated bacterial infections.





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