Red Breast Acara (Laetacara dorsigera)

Redbreast acara (Laetacara dorsigera)

The Redbreast Acara (Laetacara dorsigera) develops bright red coloration not only on the breast area but across the entire underside of the fish. 

These dwarf cichlids are fairly peaceful, especially in comparison to most other South and Central American cichlids often available to hobbyists. They can be kept with other community fish like tetras, barbs and similar fish, but may become nippy or territorial when spawning. They are omnivores and should be fed a varied diet of flake, pellet, spirulina and frozen foods on occasion. Laetacara cichlids tend to stay near the bottom of the tank, and prefer shelter of plants, rock and wood.

    Size: Approx. 2-3"

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