Paradise Snail/Spiny Star Snail (Marine)

Spiny Star Snail (Marine)

Common Name: Spiny Star Astraea
Scientific Name: Astraea Phoebia
Reef Safe: Yes
Temperament: Very Peaceful
Care Level: Very Easy
Max Size: Around 1 inch

These are many's preferred choices for a cleanup crew in aquariums. The Spiny Star Astraea has smaller projections along the bottom edge around their shells. This can give them a “Star” like appearance when looking down on to their shells.

Spiny star astraea snails do best in aquariums with a lot of live rock . They do best in mature set-up or new set-ups with a lot of green algae for them to eat. Spiny star astraea snails will also consume diatoms and I have read some reports of them also consuming cyano. Provided there is enough algae to sustain them, the spiny star astraea snails are suitable for aquariums as small as 20 gallons. Trace amounts of copper based medications can be lethal to a spiny star astraea snail.

As these snails crawl around on the rocks, it can be common for them to fall off the rocks sometimes. If they fall off a rock and land on their shell (on their back), you will need to flip them right-side up as they cannot flip themselves back on the foot.

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