SunSun HW-702A Canister Filter

The particular strength of the aquarium external filter is that there is little space wasted inside the aquarium. An aquarium external filter can be easily placed under or next to the pool. For an optimal positioning the hose connections on top of the lid are rotatable at 360°. The large container volume ensures a cleaning with very large filter volume. There is enough space for various filter media.

The SunSun Aquarium External Filter HW-702A can be easily connected to aquariums with a water volume of up to 400 liters. So the operation of large-sized aquariums becomes an simple excercise. The pump capacity is 1000 liters per hour. The aquarium external filter provides for a high flow rate, however it operates quietly. The rubber stands provide for a optimal vibration reduction.

The super quiet aquarium filter technique of the SunSun HW-702 A aquarium external filter is suitable not only for freshwater aquariums but also saltwater aquariums.

The aquarium filter is delivered with filter media for the three filter stages. The filter baskets with their practicle handles can be filled individually with the filter media. In this respect, please note that the filter media is graded from coarse to fine. The overhead 1st filter stage, the so-called pre-filter retains coarse dirt efficiently and extends considerably the service life of the biological acting filter material that is located on the underlying filter levels.

After the insertion of the filter media, the aquarium external filter is filled with water. SunSun offers an excellent comfort, the ergonomic pump cylinder on the top of the external filter. For the filling of the filter container – and without irritating suction intake – you simply press the pump cylinder for several times. So the aquarium filter fills up with water caused by every pumping motion

The multi-function valve on the pump head has a quickly disconnecting coupling which separates the hoses from the filter container without emptying it before. The safety hose adapters on the valve, that are easy to lock, provide a high level of seccurity against leakage. The flow rate is regulated by the multi-function valve.

The return hose is led into a clean bucket that is installed below the external filter.
To vent the external filter, the maximum possible flow rate must be adjusted. The manual pump is to be operated until there are no more air bubbles. Thereafter the filled hose is to be closed with one finger und re-installed on the return-piping on the edge of the aquarium.

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