Dragon Stone - Ohko Rock (per kg)


Dragon Stone - Ohko Rock (per kg)

Natural dragon stones take their name from their unusual greenish brown colouring and uneven, rippled surface texture. The stone, known as “ohko” in Japanese, is one of the most popular classic materials used in aquascaping, and looks fantastic when combined with water plants. Whether you pile them into columns, lean them against each other or simply place them horizontally on the ground, the dragon stones create a unique and exciting landscape in your aquarium.

The unique shape of each individual rock provides endless possibilities for creative construction – take your inspiration from the striking and elegant natural shapes of this extraordinary natural material. No matter what you decide to construct – bridges, steep cliffs, dark caves or a Japanese “Iwagumi” layout, your imagination can run wild with these great value sets.

Please note: As this is a natural product, every article delivered will be unique, and will therefore differ slightly from the pictures displayed here.

Due to the rippled texture of the dragon stone, there could be some dirt or soil remaining on its surface when you receive the product. This should be removed before you arrange the stones in your aquarium. The dragon stones are pH neutral and do not have an effect on the water in your aquarium. It is therefore usually not necessary to add softer water to your aquarium when adding the stones.

The Dragon Stone – Ohko Rock at a glance:

  • Inspiring natural stone that awakens the imagination
  • Great naturally structured stone for stable constructions
  • Ideal for naturally decorated aquariums in the Amano style
  • Small, medium and large sized stones make it easy to build many different formations


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