Dee-D53 Super Energy-Saving Aquarium Light

Deebow D53 Super Energy-Saving Aquarium Light

Innovative ultra-thin LED Aquarium Stand For a variety of fish tank, such as tank plants, ornamental fish tanks, seawater tanks. This is an Energy-Efficient, Low-Carbon Environment, Durable, Long Life, Imported Chip, Ultra Low Power. Power is small, but very bright & very energy saving. Saving 75% of electricity let you spend the least, enjoy the best results. This is Suitable For 20-30CM Length Aquarium.

Real slim design, the thinnest LED fixtures on the market, width 7cm, the thickness is only 1.2CM. Light body with imported material, leak-proof, anti-paint chips. Also the unique design of the lamp body surrounded by blue Color transparent protective plastic which is completely waterproof.

High color no radiation no strobe, Taiwan origin LED chips, LED lamp life of an ordinary 2-fold, green energy, stable performance, high light intensity, is conducive to photosynthesis of plants was, good visual effects, but also good for aquarium use.


  • LED Lamp Number of Light 30 (3 blue & 27 white lights)

  • Dimensions (without stand): 18.5 X 7 X 1.2CM (LXWXH)

  • Total Power: 4W

  • Input Voltage: 220V

  • Output Voltage: 12v

  • Ultra-thin light body design

  • Saving 75% of Electricity Let You Spend The Least, Enjoy The Best Results.
  • Bright LED Lights Chip High Color No Radiation No Strobe, Taiwan Origin LED Chips.


  • Always disconnect from the electrical socket before performing maintenance.

  • Do not lift the pump until by pulling the wire (Power Cord).

  • The power supply cord provided for this appliance cannot be replaced.


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