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Acquistion of Reef En' Nature Singapore

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Business Expansion

We are pleased to announce the completion of our acquisition of Reef En' Nature, a professional consultation and service provider in the design, setup, maintenance of small to large scale marine reef aquarium. Reef En' Nature will now be operating under the name of Fresh N Marine with effect from 15 October 2021.

Showroom / Workshop 

Part of the acquisition includes a new cosy showroom located at Roxy Square at East Coast Road. It will be an avenue for conducting our regular meetings with customers, small scale of personalised physical workshops and tutorial classes for the community who are interested in learning and enjoy the process of coral reef keeping to become a successful reefer. 

The showroom will be opened on appointment basis only. 

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About Our Reef Consulting Partner

Helming the previous Reef En' Nature is Jeremy, who has now assumed his full-time role as Reef Consulting Partner at Fresh N Marine. He is a photographer, sound engineer, aquarist, reef aquarium design professional consultant as well as a previous founder and owner of Reef En' Nature Inc., in USA. 

Having completed his long tour of acquiring real life and hands-on invaluable knowledge and experience through intensive studying the art and science of reef keeping in USA through various industry experts and well known aquarium companies, he has returned  to his native country in Singapore to settle down. 

With Jeremy joining Fresh N Marine, we will be forming an education centre to offer our professional and comprehensive reef aquatic services and education to build your dream aquarium. These will be offered through a series of workshops and consultation services, to the beginners, intermediate and advanced hobbyists. We believe in education, sustainability and breaking things down to simple steps for a great reefing journey for the hobbyists.

Consulting Experience

Part of Jeremy's career tour in USA was being a coral reef system consultant for almost a year to Max Gieter, the owner of Reef Hot Spot Los Angeles, California. 

Project Experience:
Le' Grand Bleu Reef Tank

With an estimated value of $90 million, Le Grand Bleu is one of the largest private yachts in the world at 370-feet in length. Created around the turn of the new millennia by Kusch yachts in Germany, it was previously owned by John McCaw, Jr., an American businessman and US telecommunications baron, and was subsequently sold to a Russian businessman and yacht collector Roman Abramovich in 2002.

In 2003, as Le Grande Bleu sailed through the orient making a stop over in Singapore, Jeremy was approached for a challenging and unexpected project. The task: to create and build a life-like coral reef that replicates the Great Barrier Reef inside the 2000 gallon reef tank. Along with a helicopter pad, Jacuzzi fitted luxury suites, spa facility, watercraft including a 22m Dubois-designed sailing yacht, a 21m Sunseeker motor yacht; two 11m, 60-knot Buzzi sports boats; and a landing craft to carry a 4x4 Land Rover for excursions ashore, Le Grande Bleu has a swimming pool on board fitted with one glass side panel to view the below-deck aquarium.

Other Experience

Some of the past worth mentioning maintenance projects handled by Jeremy included six aquariums in Singapore Science Centre and a 250 gallons marine aquarium owned by Sina Mars Group in Shenton Way office.  

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